Corporate Reorganizations

There are many ways a company could benefit from a corporate reorganization.

We can effectively:

  • Perform an estate freeze and bring in new shareholders such as a spouse, children, or key employees
  • Create holding companies to protect the company’s assets
  • Distribute corporate assets among its shareholders
  • Amalgamate corporate entities
  • Prepare an estimate of value for your corporation
  • Streamline a group of corporations

Purchase or Sale of a Business

When selling or purchasing a business, a thorough tax plan is essential as it can significantly increase the after-tax proceeds to the shareholder.

To assist in the sale or purchase of your business we will:

  • Identify the after-tax proceeds under various structures and planning (e.g.) sale of shares vs. assets
  • Determine structure, planning, payback periods and other analysis for the acquisition of a business
  • Assist in the completion of due diligence requirements
  • Assist and/or complete the negotiations of the terms of agreement(s) for the purchase and sale of a business
  • Work closely with your lawyer and accountant to ensure a smooth process
  • Prepare suggested filing requirements and file any election forms required to assist legal counsel and accountant

Transferring Proprietorship Assets into a Corporation

Are you in a situation where you like to transfer personally held assets into a corporation? We can determine an appropriate plan to minimize and/or defer any unnecessary income inclusions that would otherwise arise on a transfer, including GST/PST issues.

Shareholder Buyouts

Many businesses will face a situation where a shareholder wants “out”. We will determine the necessary steps to effectively buy out the shareholder(s) and we work alongside your legal counsel to ensure a timely and effective buy-out strategy.